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Monday, December 04, 2006

Blogger Guilt ...

... is eating away at me, it has been for a while.

Here are some camp pics (sorry the are so bad nightime and abd light ughh)
Karens papers that we made our own one hour class! An hour is really really short!

Fayes Class love this page papers so match the photo for me.

Weekend Challenge pack

Loved Nic's card class that was cool nice to do something different. Great weekend thanks Yolande and Lianne and our awesome teachers. Michelle I have been busy playing with brushes and am so addicted! One grumble cleaning up at the end is everyones responsibility we all have a good time our teachers make it a great weekend so seriously EVERYONE needs to help clean up (Karen (sis) this is not a dig at you as I know how much you did last time) you know who you are think about it thats all. While I was there I made a wedding brag book for my Nan! Only serveral hundred wedding pics to go LOL.

The following is a thank you book for Craig in the making trying out new things and having fun - haha Karen no sneak peaks for you.

A page for my loves Chrissy pressie and a page for the Dares
Old the S came for one of my first paper purchases (Paper pizzaz I think) As are the buttons from my Nans stash)
New the Cosmo paper and the photo was played with on PSE with my new brushes which have not showed up but thank Michelle
Borrowed the fab beading idea from Nic.
Lovin it only about 13 pages to go LOL

Finally the beginnings of my Secret Santa present for our work do on Friday (no more than $10 jokes even better) So my begins with an altered tool belt.

Doing a lot more scrappin this week and having fun teaching a few people new things and challenging them passing on all the things I learn here in the blogging world and sharing them with my friends who don't blog and telling them they should so they can learn more.

Thats it for now ERO initial visit on thurs in next week - no a bother for me but there is a vibe that is around mostly from ppl and systems that need a check up if this makes sense.

Night all


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Introducing Mr and Mrs Stephen Groves

There you go I know you have been waiting Rach! Only just got the pics though.

It was an awsome day I loved it, I had so much fun and it was just a really cruisey day. Seems so long ago now :D

The weather was perfect clouded over just nicely in the afternoon for the photos and the blossoms were amazing (no I did not pic my colours to match the blossoms it just happened to be a perfect match!).

So of course my dilemma now is how to scrap them LOL will pick brians at scrap camp for ideas.

Hope this satisfies your curiosity for now and I finally feel like I've had a holiday!

Much love
Fiona Groves LOL

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Mucking around with tickers today, LOL just know you all wanna know when I am PMSing but it is the easiest way for me to keep track, that is if we (I) can get over spending money so Stephen doesn't freak out about being on one income for a while.
We are both a bit mizzy at the moment btu at least accomplished a good clean to half the house today - and by that I mean bedroom (bed moved and vaccumned under, windows washed and walls wiped), bathroom (bath scrubbed, gross hair MINE! removed from plug, sink cleaned, walls wiped and cupboards sorted), Loo (cleaned and walls wiped), living room (vaccumned, papers removed, coffee table cleared) and Kitchen (dishes done!). So we are making progress just wish it would stop bloody raining!
Scrapped yesterday CJ off tomorrow spent money at NZ Scrapbook sale (well BG rub ons were nearly 1/2 price! - see why Stephen freaks out!) but had fun.
Got to seriously lose some more weight as you can see it is 8 weeks till we marry 5 KG would be great cause then I would look better in my dress which is Fab! Being sick and mizzy and Stephen being mizzy doesn't help I know how Stephen is about the whole thing shouldn't matter but it does to me and the fact he hasn't noticed i have lost 10 kg pisses me off!
Sorry rambling will go now.
Hope you are all well - Evan and Trina hurry up already.

Monday, July 31, 2006


So here they are, I know the RSVP card is old fashioned but it is like part of my Nana and Poppa wedding stationary - I have her engagement ring as my one.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dare 2

Was going to do one on sewing my wedding dress but as it isn't finihed yet - i thought I better not jinx working on it this weekend.

Feeling like crap - nothing specific - cough, headache, nose alternately runny and block, hot and cold - but none to the extreme just enough to make me feel like poo, had yesterday off hoping i was going to nip it in the bud but no feel worse today so I am also going to have tomorrow off. I feel like I am constantly running low and feeling miserable, hanging out for the wedding just so I can have the following 10 days off LOL.

Nothing exciting going on here, that why no post nothing vaguely scrapping related happening really.

Invites nearly done - will take pics and post here soon.

More work on the dress this weekend, hopefully it will get 90% done.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

dare 1

crap scan sorry - fun to do though

Monday, July 17, 2006

busy busy busy

well the weekend was a success - not a single fight with Mum and a good third of the dress done!

Other news well one of the other things didn't happen it was just PMS for two weeks instead of 3 days and I had a big cry when it was all over but thank god I don't feel so darn exhusted now just tired, disappointed and well who knows how Stephen feels.

Things are busy at work, maybe some changes coming up there.

Invites nearly there!

Love the new dare blog love that there is a kiwi one around - I wanna do the first one hmmmm to find the time though.